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Being the fifth generation of a Rice trading family business, Malik International has built their reputation as one of the leading sources in Europe to supply Premium Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice varieties globally. By the continuous improvement of systems and teamwork, Malik International is serving the needs of their clients boundlessly, carving the way to a new dimension of individual service.

Take a step into our world which is turning around finest and original Basmati Rice, textiles and other available goods of the Orient. Enjoy doing business within the security we are able to offer due to our primary understanding of both the Pakistani market and business system.

Working with Malik International gives you several advantages, kindly note some of them:

  • We are at your service during European office hours and also gladly beyond
  • Through our marketing office in the heart of the EU, you can communicate directly with your Pakistani supplier
  • Door to door delivery within EU
  • Use the possibility of designing your packaging in Pakistan for a reasonable rate
  • Choose from different packaging materials
  • Receive first-hand information and updates about Rice rates and market development directly from Pakistan

Take advantage of our contacts and knowledge for your business strategies! Immerse yourself in a country of ancient traditions and passed-on knowledge about Rice Qualities, manifold aromas and recipes

Let us assist you with opening new perspectives! Kindly share your ideas and visions with us and we will help you to realise them:  Cost-efficient and authentic!

Rice is The Staple food in wide areas of our planet the word "Rice" is synonymous to the word eating or food in China, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Thailand.

In Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, the word for friendship is synonymous to the expression "Rice and water". Rice appears in various shapes and Varieties around the world. Rice is convertible like never before: there is parboiled 5-minutes Rice, Rice pudding, Rice crackers, Rice flour in baking mixtures, Rice milk, Rice vinegar, Rice as baby and diet food, and of course thousands of traditional Rice recipes around the globe like Sushi, Paella, Risotto, Palau and Biryani are just to name some of them….

Rice cultivation is mainly done manually and has 1 – 2 crops per year. Rice is one of the seven most important grains of the world. Only one Rice plant can have up to 3000 grains on its 30 stalks. Rice was grown by men to be a water plant since weeds cannot grow in water - that makes the farming easier.

There are more than 100 000 Rice varieties in the world!



Rice is tasty, healthy and good for body because 100 grams of Rice do only have about 350 Calories. Malik International’s  marketing and delivering is highly dedicated to Original Basmati Rice from Pakistan. Pakistan is one out of only two countries worldwide in which Basmati Rice can be grown and has the strictest regulations on Basmati Rice!

Each lot of Raw Rice is selected with care, tested, cooked and tasted with complete infrastructure before final purchase. That's how we handle our business and care about our valuable clients to build up trust and complete satisfaction.

We make sure to offer our clients the Best and Purest Quality of Original Basmati Rice!

Traditional Pakistani Basmati Rice is growing only on the foothills of the Himalaya, nourished by the glacier water of the highest mountains on earth. For thousands of years, this Unique Basmati Rice is being harvested there, from the mineralized soil, in the perfect climate and with special seeds, developed and improved naturally by generation and generation of Rice professionals.


Why Choose Us?


Malik International offers you service and communication on an European level for Asian rates!

Our set-up includes: an European communication and marketing office, graphic designers, experienced purchasers, trained processing staff, logistic professionals and trustable Quality managers.

We explore for our most-valued clients, which goods are available and ship from the country of origin to every port world-wide.

Malik International is your true ad reliable business partner - always at your service!

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Super Kernal Basmati Rice


Our Products

We are offering all available Rice varieties. Our product range includes Basmati Rice varieties, irrigated by Himalaya glaciers water. As well available are Long Grain Premium Quality varieties. Here is some more information about the different types:

This magnificent Rice is our Premium Rice Variety and we are proud to realize that it is appreciated in more and more countries Read More

You love Basmati Rice? You just cannot get enough of real Basmati Taste? You prefer to eat healthy? Read More

"The world's longest grain" is a Basmati Rice variety with very elegant appearance. Read More

Just like our precious Basmati varieties, the 386 is harvested in the Pakistani Punjab region and has remarkable cooking characteristics. Read More

Harvested in the Punjab & Sindh region - popular in all parts of the globe! KS 282 is the Long Grain Rice with balanced price-performance ratio. Read More

The IRRI Rice varieties are the staple food stars! They have a good and mild taste, fair cooking characteristics and are available for a reasonable price. Read More

Neben einzigartigem Basmati Reis hat Pakistan auch verschiedene Langkorn Sorten zu bieten. Die meisten Langkorn Sorten werden im Sindh Gebiet angebaut, Read More

Super Kernal Basmati Rice Original from Punjab Read More

Super Kernal Basmati Rice Original from Punjab Read More

Wholegrain Rice, Parboiled Rice and White Rice

A Common misunderstanding: parboiled Rice is an own Rice variety. That's not true!

From every Brown Rice, one can produce parboiled Rice by a special "Steam" processing system. Our Pakistani sister company is using state-of-the-arts units in which the water steam technology is utilised: the grains fall through hot water damp and the precious components of the wholegrain are pressed into the grain. With a minimum of moisture, the maximum of nutrients are saved within the grain! Afterwards, the treated Rice is carefully dried and polished.

Each order is freshly processed after order confirmation, packed with care and brought on the way to its destination.

Your individual requirements are realized 100%!

No matter if you want to receive your parboiled Rice with an intense taste and dark golden colour or with a soft creamy taint and mild taste: we are processing exactly as per client's demand!

Please share with us your requirements and wishes: Together, we will find the perfect solution for your Business!



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